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Picture of impact resistant sliding glass doors in dark bronze finish in Miami, Florida.


also known as hurricane windows, high impact windows or impact resistant windows

Impact windows are an excellent alternative to hurricane shutters or storm panels. Astor Windows, based in Miami, offers impact windows in both aluminum and vinyl frames. When struck by flying debris during a storm, impact windows are designed to stay in one piece, protecting the building from the devastating effects of high winds. At very competitive prices, you can purchase impact-resistant windows and doors and obtain the following important benefits:


Install our custom-designed impact windows and obtain 24-hour hurricane protection, avoiding the hassle of putting up and taking down storm panels. Hurricane windows are built with a PVB interlayer sealed in between two layers of glass which makes break-ins a bit more difficult to occur. Although the laminated glass in our impact windows is not 100% burglar proof, it can serve as an excellent burglar deterrent. Statistically, one third of burglars will gain entry through a window, while the remaining two thirds will get in through an insecure door. Having impact windows and doors installed in your house can offer you the extra time your alarm system needs to advise the police in case of a break-in. Important disclaimer: Astor Windows does not hereby claims or implies that impact windows and doors are burglar proof.


Drop your utility bills and realize important electrical savings by installing our impact-resistant products, which are built of heavy-duty aluminum and vinyl frames with double-glazed panes. Equipped with the right glazing option, our impact windows are much more energy efficient than the existing single-glazed windows. Today, Miami homeowners prefer large panoramic openings that provide uninterrupted views. However, this architectural trend comes at an increased utility bill due to the greater sun exposures. Large, single-glazed windows allow heat or cold transfer from the outside to the inside of the property. In contrast, impact windows provide excellent insulating capabilities, helping isolate interior spaces from the outdoor weather changes and contributing to important utility bill savings.


Astor Impact Windows has more than 12 years successfully installing impact-resistant windows, doors and storefront systems. We fully apply our expertise and knowledge from our construction company to our window business. Our team is trained and properly insured to perform complex installations. In addition, we have the equipment and personnel to perform opening alterations, such as reinforcing concrete/steel frames, building new frames or simply reconfiguring existing frames.

Residential new construction impact window project in Miami, Florida

Source: Astor Windows's Project | Coconut Grove, Florida

New Construction Window Installation at a Single-Family Home

We have the expertise to professionally install windows, doors and storefront systems at challenging conditions. On this video, we show our crew in the process of installing impact windows at single-family residence project in Coconut Grove, Florida.

Impact windows residential installation in Miami, Florida

Source: Astor Windows's Project | Key Biscayne, Florida

Retrofit Window Installation at a Multi-Story Property

As you can appreciate from the video, we are committed to safety and professionalism by utilizing sofisticated equipment to install our windows in hard-to-reach areas and under challenging working conditions.


Impact windows and doors are approved exterior components which qualify for insurance discounts if all of the house openings are protected with impact-resistant windows or doors. Policyholders can obtain up significant insurance premium discounts if they provide proof of our products installed at their properties.


Approved by Miami-Dade County, our impact-resistant windows and doors are made of high-grade aluminum and vinyl framing built to last for a long time and designed to withstand the Florida climate. Astor Windows carry products made by Florida's leading manufacturers of impact-resistant windows and doors. With 20 years of proven track records of building glass-and-glazing components for the coastal areas, our manufacturers offer us peace of mind that the products we install will perform when needed.


Our hurricane impact windows and doors help reduce outdoor noise significantly. Our client testimonials confirm that impact-resistant glass is a great contributor to bringing peace and quiet environments inside the house or property. For homeonwers who live near busy intersections, highways or heavy traffic, installing our hurricane impact windows and doors has proven to be an effective noise attenuation solution. Please see the video below filmed at one of our completed projects in Miami. Construction crew was working outside this house when we were supervising the end of the window installation. You can notice the significant noise reduction accomplished with a casement window.

Impact windows noise reduction in Miami, Florida

Source: Astor Windows's Project | Miami, Florida

Hurricane Impact Windows and Noise Reduction

While supervising an in-progress window installation, we decided to record a short video capturing the moment in which the grass was being mowed. As you can hear on this video, the noise reduction of a casement impact window is significant. Although our windows will not completely insulate your property from the undesired outside noise, it can bring it down to comfortable levels.


Because of the interlayer used in laminated glass, impact windows and doors block almost 100% of the ultraviolet light coming the Sun. Impact windows can protect your valuables inside your house, including furniture, rugs and artwork, from fading away or discoloring due to constant exposure to direct sunlight.


When Astor Windows sells and installs impact windows for your home or commercial property, you are buying peace of mind. You obtain one (1) year warranty on the installation labor, and up to lifetime warranty on the product. Read more about specific warranties offered by our manufacturers in the manufacturer's profile section. Some products carry a 10-year warranty while others provide a lifetime warranty. With Astor Windows you receive excellent customer service at competitive prices.


Domestic Supply

Wholesale and retail supply of impact windows and doors in South Florida.

Export Sales

Supply of impact windows and doors for foreign clients, including customers living in the Caribbean Islands. We deliver free of charge to a list of freight forward companies in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Visit our export section for additional details..

Wind Engineering and Shop Drawings

Project-specific analysis of wind-loads, as well as preparation of full sets of shop drawings for windows, doors, storefront systems, mulls and other pre-engineered components.

Permit Expediting

Our expediter takes our permit packages into all of the Miami-Dade County municipalities and assist us in navigating through these time-cosuming processes. In addition, our expediter is in charge of presenting our proposed projects in front of Board of Architects in those municipalities that have this additional requirement.

Residential New Construction Installations

We supply and install impact windows, doors and storefront systems in single-family and multi-family new construction projects in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach. We offer turn-key solutions, from the design phase to value wind engineering to professional installation.

New construction impact window project in Miami, Florida

Source: Astor Windows's Project | Miami, FL

Commercial New Construction

We supply and install impact windows, doors and storefront systems in single-family and multi-family commercial new construction projects in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach. We offer turn-key solutions, from the design phase to value wind engineering to professional installation.

Commercial new construction impact window project in Miami, Florida

Source: Astor Windows's Project | Miami Design District

Retrofit Installations | Existing Properties

We supply and install impact windows, doors and storefront systems in existing properties in Miami. We offer free, in-home estimates for homeowners who would like to retrofit their existing windows and doors into High Velocity Hurricane Zone approved windows and doors. We work in both residencial and commercial projects.

Residential retrofit impact window project in Miami, Florida

Source: Astor Windows's Project | Coral Gables, FL

Overstock Windows and Doors at Bargain Prices

You can browse our overstock listing at Impact Windows Miami and take advantage of the heavily discounting windows and doors.



All of the impact windows and doors we carry have Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance (NOA), an approval required by most of the municipalities in South Florida. Astor Windows enjoys an outstanding reputation among homeonwers and contractors, having more than 350 completed projects in South Florida with an impressive rating of 4.9 over 5.0 in customer satisfaction. Please ask our project managers and sales representatives for hard copies of our customer ratings.


Schedule an appoinment Need to have impact windows or doors professionally installed? Contact us to schedule a free onsite consultation. We will assign a project manager to meet with you to understand your needs and visit your property to take field measurements. Back at the office, the project manager will prepare a site-specific proposal for your project.
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